The Second Step to ace your PSLE Chinese

Step 2 of the 4 Steps to ace your PSLE Chinese
Where you will find the most exciting development to help parents help their children ace their children’s PSLE Chinese even if their child may not like Chinese!

Step 2 :
Know the enemy
There are 4 parts to the PSLE Chinese language paper and each part would be tested:-
1, Vocabulary and comprehension 90 (45%)

1a, Vocabulary 50 (25%)

1b, Comprehension 40 (20%)

2, Composition writing 40 (20%)

3, Oral recitation and oral conversation 50 (25%)

3a, recitation 20 (10%)

3b, Conversation 30 (20%)

4, Listening Comprehension emphasizing on comprehension. 29 (10%)

*Did you notice that Vocabulary alone takes 25% of your total score? Follow by the Comprehension, Composition and conversation each 20% of the score. Therefore by focusing on the above 4 items and trying to score full marks for all the above 4 items you would get 85% which is AL2! Isn’t that amazing?

And the push to AL1 is just score in the last 2 items:-

1, recitation 10%

2, listening comprehension 10%

In term of difficulty, I think the easiest item to improve is Vocabulary as it just involved studying the wordlist of primary 5 and 6 textbooks daily and revise those words every day.

The total number of words in Primary 5 and 6 textbooks are about 720 words. So by studying 8 words a day in January, you have studied all of the 720 in 9 months just before PSLE examinations started.

What to do daily?

For a start, Take out a Diary or a Notebook and start to take note of the words you learn every day in class and in your textbook.

Take note of Good phrases too.


all my pupils have to compile a list of words into exercise books to carry everyday for studying. So I think why not create such a word list for the convenience of all pupils.
Two years ago, my student A took the pain to complete primary 5 and 6 word list, studied it everyday (3 words a day). He started with 49.5 in primary 5 SA2, and Passed with a C in PSLE. it took him like 1.5 years to obtain that almost impossible pass.

Now I have compiled the word list from the new textbooks for primary 5 and 6 and your child can focus on those words to score. So why not order the books now.