2 Tips on the PSLE Chinese Oral Examination

Tip 1: Oral conversation

The key to answering the three questions in oral conversation is very simple.
Question 1: Use the 5W rules to spell out the details and rewatch the video again and again till you get the details.
Question 2 is about your story so 5W and 1H to describe your story.
Question 3 is more like community or school perspective so you need to remember 3 things schools would do to encourage students to learn a moral: CCE lesson, morning assembly and weekly assembly.
and the last thing:
Always remember that the more questions your teacher asked you, it is to help them assess your language ability fairly. some will be asked 3 questions, some will be asked more than 5 questions. The number of questions being asked means nothing at all. Its your quality of answers that matters.

Tip 2: Reading

The key to reading well is to read the text out in your mind 3 or more times before you read out to your teacher. Practice makes perfect.
If you struggle to find reading passages, just use those texts in your textbook. Read out those paragraphs in your textbook, one paragraph at a time.

And make sure you read out a few times, not once.

Then read out whole paragraphs in 20 seconds to stop the brain from reading using hanyu pinyin.

Lastly, every paragraph should be read out naturally and confidence.
Good luck


The key is practice, practice and practice.