Which Chinese Edictionary is best for my Child?

eDictionaries are the best helping hand for any child and every parents will try to figure out the best tools for their children. But there are a few versions of the same tool and they look very similar and thus its quite confusing which one is best for your children.

Those without stylus which allows keying of Hanyu pinyin, bushou and bihua (stokes)

PX2181 $49

If You need to get a model with stylus for the handwriting feature.

Cheap ones $50-70
Besta All pass 3 $59.90

Creative PX2131 $68.00

Super ones
px2201 $89.00

All Pass S1 $89.90

ZZ.New A+ sgd 77.00 now

For comprehensive comparsion for cheap ones:

For comparing the expensive ones:

I have feedback about Besta that it has a huge collection of words but sometimes those words are not relevant and I think creative has the better dictionary (the expensive creative PX2201 has the picture dictionary). Choose one your child likes would be good.


Mr Tan