With the ending of SYF activities, Now is the time to Focus on PSLE

Last Week, SYF ended and now is the time to rest and refocus on PSLE now.

What are the 5 steps to refocus on PSLE?

Step 1, What is your target PSLE T-score?
188 is the minimum target score! That is about 65 marks per subject.
I recommend all to aim at least 188. Everyone should in fact Aim for 260, Dream BIG and DO Bigger Things.

Step 2, What is your biggest strength and weakness?
Do an analysis on the items in all your subjects and find out more about your weakness, where you are not performing and your strength, where you are doing better than last examination.

Paper                        1                       2                       3                       4                       Total

Step 3, Whats the 6 dates to note after this week.
Aug 15 and 16: Chinese/English Oral
Sept 20: Listening Comprehension
Sept 26: English Paper 1 and 2
Sept 27: Math Paper 1 and 2
Sept 30: Chinese Paper 1 and 2
Oct 2: Higher Chinese paper 1 and 2

Step 4, What is the Tools you need to prepare before the PSLE?

Prepare your E-Dictionary and put in new battery. 
Always use your E-dictionary in your everyday work so that you will familiar with your E-dictionary. If you have not used the E-dictionary with confidence, you need to use your E-dictionary more.

Step 5, Come up with a Plan or just study 4 hours every Day.
I would recommend study, revise and drill every chapter before the examinations.

Plan play time everyday and exercise time too. And Eat well, sleep well.

The more discipline one is, the easier and more relax one is. Stress is your mentor, not your enemy.

So Let Go through the 5 steps and wish you All the best.

NOTE: Do not say I will TRY, say I will DO IT!