A Champion’s Guide to Ace your PSLE Chinese This year and beyond


As a Champion you have conquered the heights of English, Mathematics and Science and now you want to get to the peak of PSLE Chinese! Here is the guide for you to win this war and ace your subject.

The Four components

We all knew that there are 4 components to the PSLE Chinese language papers:-|
(A) Paper 1 composition (picture composition and themed composition) 40marks = 20% of whole paper.
(B) Paper 2 the mcq (50 marks) and comprehension paper (40 marks) which has 90 marks or 45% of whole paper.
(C) the oral examination paper (recitation 20 marks, Oral conversation 30 marks, total 50 marks or 25%) and the listening comprehension paper (20 marks mcq = 10%).

5 Steps to ace PSLE Chinese

Every thing we do we need to take steps to upgrade yourselves and PSLE Chinese is no exception.

Step 1: Make sure you know more vocabulary than your textbook

Every student will try to get full marks for paper 2 (90/45%) as its the easiest to obtain full mark out of the rest of the papers. (the other papers that is easy to get full marks is oral recitation(20/10%) and listening comprehension(20/10%). Section A of paper 2 is all mcq and by doing daily vocabulary revision and routine drilling exercises, one could get full marks (50/25%) easily.

*Very good foundation in Chinese essential as vocabulary is key to full mark. Extensive reading outside the school texts is necessary too.)

Step 2: make sure you write journals everyday

Writing composition goes from picture composition to themed compositions and one need to read a lot of very good compositions to get a sense of recent writing trends and modern tactics. If you are still stuck with outdated phrases and common words than you have not been reading much compositions lately. You need to update your vocabulary with words like 尴尬、害羞、积极、脸好像马儿一样长(analogy), 以百米冲刺的速度向前面冲,小雨紧随其后; 跌了个四脚朝天。她眼冒金星 etc.

You need a few good opening to start a composition too like:-





每当我经过巴刹那个角落时,我都会想起那件很感人的事。事情是这样的 ……


You need a good ending too:-





You need to write much more complex sentences which uses connectors:-



Step 3: Read newspaper articles to know more topics in Oral conversation

Oral recitation is very easy to ace, Make sure you do not stop suddenly and read with emotion. When you are up read faster, when you are down read slowly. Use your expressions and tones to supplement your voice

Oral conversation is about your readiness and your exposure to the topic so you need to read newspaper daily and you need to analyze the news report to obtain material for your conversation. And expose yourselves to many topics in Singapore and in schools.

Here are some topics that are quite common:-

(A) Environmental issues such as reuse, recycle, reduce usage of plastic etc

(B) Moral issues such as honesty, diligent, helpful, friendship etc

(C) Mental issues such as stress handling, relationship problem, generation gap etc

(D) Social issues like helping the weak, give up seat etc

(E) Quality of life such as leadership, work ethics etc

(F) community issues such as keeping your eating place clean, return of trays, high rise rubbish, road safety etc

(G) Healthcare issue such as pandemic, mask wearing issues, vaccination, regulations etc.

Step 4: Daily revision

Daily revision is to combat forgetfulness. Everything you learn will be forgotten in 7 days and if you do not revise.

Step 5: Drilling

When you are 2 months to PSLE examination, start to drill with past years of prelim and PSLE papers to gain combat experience and to now the battle field.


In conclusion, you have to over prepare to ace your PSLE Chinese language and you need diligent, perseverance to pull through difficult periods of time.

if you need the wordlist for the PSLE Chinese language papers, its here.