PSLE Chinese Language: 3 tips for higher AL Grade

Opening: Do you want higher AL grade for your PSLE Chinese?

Most who want higher grade are not prepared to give up their fun things in life so their al grade will never improve. This article is for people who are willing to sacrifice life’s fun things for a higher grade in PSLE Chinese.

First thing first the PSLE AL grading system has two big band aka AL6 (45-64) and AL5 (65-74), these are for the average students and it helps those in borderline 45-49 to PASS their PSLE Chinese. And then there are 4 smaller bands of 5 marks aka AL1 (90 and above), AL2 (85-89), AL3 (80-84) and AL4 (75-79) which makes the higher grade a battle for a narrow band of marks.

In another words, when you can up your papers in 8-10 marks you can up ONE GRADE! at the higher grades.

Now, where to up 8-10 marks in 8-9 months?

Area 1: Paper 2

Paper 2 is about vocabulary and comprehension with lots of MCQ and a few higher order thinking questions. So if you could revise all the words and drill before examinations you can easily up 8-10 marks.

Target 85/90

Area 2: Paper 3

Paper 3 has oral recitation which is all about practice and practice. And Oral conversation is all about familiarity with topics and if you can create the scripts and practice hard, its easy to up 10 marks too.

Target: 60/70

Area 3: Paper 1

This paper is the hardest to improve as it required a Very good foundation in writing and a good range of vocabularies. You could use eDictionary but it usage is not very efficient in examination condition. Its best you memorized all the helpful words and good phrases by heart.

But there are three parts of composition you could up your grade:-

  1. Reduce the number of misspellings by memorizing all the easily misspelt words and correct them.
  2. Construct all the sentences correctly and use connecting nouns like 可是、以后、将来、并且等.
  3. Connect the next sentence with one or more words from the last sentence to build a flow of thoughts in the paragraph eg 我吃了,真好。我得津津有味。

Conclusion: jiayou

3 areas to up your grades by improving 8-10 marks are easier say than done, most pupils will need 3-6 months to achieve such a feat. good luck and jiayou.