FAQ for the wordlist

This is a list of questions I get to being asked about the New wordlist everyday:-

1, Is it according to the new textbook 欢乐伙伴?

Yes, I wrote the wordlist when P6 欢乐伙伴 textbook is available and I finished the whole ebook in before the Jun holidays in 2020, and I finished the ebook for P6B in July before the PSLE started that year.

2,how is it useful for self study?

All the words are not characters (Yes character studying is outdated) so you only get useful information for studying for your PSLE Chinese papers. Hanyu pinyin are all given together with word pair and english meaning. You get sentence construction that most students can understand too (I know, sometimes reference books used very adult way to write that book and the words in sentences is more difficult then the textbook.)

3, can you pay with credit cards not paypal?

yes, click “Don’t have a paypal account” then you will be directed to a pay with credit card screen.

4. Where is the wordlist?
The link is provided here:-

5, Does it include the primary 5 textbook words?


6. Is there one for Higher Chinese?

Not yet, Higher Chinese is more on Comprehension and composition while wordlist could only help with 20(20%) marks out of 60 in paper 2 so its best to focus on scoring in the composition(40%) and comprehension(40%) for HCL.

7, Would it include words for P4 and P5?

P5 words are included. P4 and P3 wordlist would be in a new ebook that I’m writing. As P3 and P4 requirements are different so I’m still testing out concepts for the new wordlist while I’m writing it.

8, Does it have a study guide to help one to self study?

Yes, At the first chapter I have written a small guide book to help those parents and students understand how to use my wordlist. In it I have included various ways to study the wordlist and a 4 step process to study in one’s PSLE year. You get all that within one ebook.