How to Score A for O levels Chinese Language?

Hi the meat of paper 2 is comprehension with section 2 (20) and section 3 (40) , that is 60 out of the total 70 marks in this paper. So to score in this paper you need to win the 4 levels of comprehension first.
It has like 4 higher order thinking questions with 16 points which would determine if you score A or not.
About 16-18 marks is in those higher order thinking questions. So training to answer those questions are important.

In compo, do the best one is trained for. Narrative compo need a lot of story lines in the heart to fabricate tales according while argumentative compo requires logical and critical thinking skills. To choose one it’s best for the pupil to decide whether she like story telling or logical thinking. Most will choose narrative as that’s the one style that’s was being trained from primary 3.

Train comprehension is more effective to score.
Choose their style but study both for compositions