How to improve Comprehension questions in Paper 2

There are 4 levels of comprehension in the 7 questions in Paper 2. And every level requires different skills to master it.

The first is understanding the context meaning. So you are given who, when, when, where, why, how questions and you are practically copying answers with some modifications to pronouns into the answers.

Second is inference, where you need to give opinions based on facts in text. In this you need to check the facts to determine the answer and reason. So whatever your answer you need to find evidence in text to support you.

Third is Evaluative where you need to judge and have a stand. Questions like 他是怎样的人 belongs to these type of question. General answers are disqualified straight away like 善良的人because you need to define kindness in terms of the characters action. As in what behaviors of the character makes you think that the character is this type of people.

Lastly it’s applied knowledge which happens to be higher Chinese papers only. Applied knowledge is those questions that ask if you are the character or if you are in this kind of situation, what would your reaction, behavior or choice be and why?

General tips is to reread comprehension passage a few times and think of its story line instead. This way you can always know where is the answer.
As to how to train, I like to let pupils read, understand, then recap story line to me and I will be questioning them using the 4 levels of comprehension to let pupil get the answers correct orally before writing them.
Small tip, 2 marks question need one sentence, 3 marks two sentences and 4 marks three sentences. Separated questions need to answer one by one. Try to not miss any sub questions.

Scoring strategy, if you are weak in paper 2, always train super hard to get Section A 50/50 and item 4 complete the lines 8/8 first. You will pass by 58/90! Add comprehension 1, the mcq plus sms which you got 10/10 and you got 68/90! Those are the easier to get points to conquer by WILL.

Special Notes: Do know that 2017 is the year the format changes, anything before that is not as useful for practice as before due to the way the new format has less questions (from 13 to 7) and each questions has more marks (from 2/3-4).
Coming 2020, Primary 6 textbook will be changed to the 欢乐伙伴 so although the format is the same, the set of words to learn will be different too so 2019 text paper for P6 will be useless for 2020 P6 pupils.
Take a look at the link below for
6 steps to score in PSLE Chinese Language comprehension

Hope this is useful for parents.
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