How to Train PSLE Chinese Language like a skill?

Chinese Language is a skill subject and to score in this subject you need to develop the necessary skill sets like in work place. Schools list down the skill sets as listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. And the new textbook are very good in teaching the skills required in the textbook directly. Yet most parents do not know that all these skills are in the textbook itself so you can learn them yourself and teach your children.

Below is the list of skills you can teach your child easily so they will see an improvement in results but the key word is daily practice and determination. just like the Chinese word GONGFU, its the test of time, If your children give up halfway which a lot of children do, then their result will just be the results they had last year, as most are not determined to win at all.
So in order to avoid children giving up eventually, parents and teachers need to give the child a reason to win, and this is done by carefully understanding the child’s need and wants. And guiding the child to make a choice for themselves, THEY need to know that they are NOT studying for parents, They are studying for themselves and by not studying they will ultimately punish themselves in the future. Parents need to guide children by not be nagging, not be angry and not be unreasonable. After the child understands the whys, then they can do the hows as listed below.
these Hows are designed from simple and easy tasks with NO judgement in the beginning to much complex tasks and eventually examination tasks..

Listening skills

1) listening: do listen to all the texts in the textbooks daily.


2) Speaking: Read aloud the textbook passages everyday and check against the above website for correct pronunciation.
*make sure all the hanyu pinyin tones are pronounces correctly.


3) Read: read a composition in Chinese and read it aloud. Then try to understand every sentences and every hidden meaning.
*DO not just read any composition book, look for 小学好作文第七集. else go to download a copy of 作文群英18.


4) Writing:
(A) write with the 5Ws like when, who where what why?????
(B) write with good simple sentences with a single focused theme.
(C) Write details about the picture and the people.
(D) write with analogy and phrasal phrases.
(E) write complex statements with connecting nouns.
(F) Accurate use of nouns and phrases.
(G) Usage of Primary 5/6 and above nouns, no more 高兴、伤心,风和日丽etc.
Step by step write everyday about simple things like

Special instruction for writing

**If you are having problem asking children to write, try the following method:-
Step 1 write a sentence everyday, (focus on 1 topic) (parents can just let children write, right or wrong, do not comment, just say good work.) write daily for 1 week to 2 week. (only requirement is it must be a sentence and must be a topic)
If really don’t know what to write, copy a sentence from a compo.
Step 2 write 2 sentence on a topic that is connected.
step 3 write 3 sentences to form a paragraph.
repeat step 1-3 till children can write perfect Chinese paragraph.