How to win The PSLE Chinese Language Examination in 12 months?

The 4 (optional +1) steps to build a strong foundation for PSLE Chinese Language.

Students who want to learn to pass or score their PSLE Chinese Language need just a strong belief that they can do it. Yes the journey starts with a BELIEF! If one do not believe they will not achieve anything.

Step 1: Up your vocabulary and score 50/50 in Paper 2 Section A

Step 2: Read compositions, learn their methods, memorize the process and DO it a bit at a time. Aim 32/40

Step 3: Know the questions and its answers for the Oral conversation and practice till perfect. Aim 20/30

Step 4: Comprehension questions have some direct ones which one can score easily, aim 18/40 for paper 2 Section B

Conclusion: There is one more step which is to Score in Comprehension especially those higher order thinking questions. I will write the guide later.